March 22, 2023
Government Employees Salary Increase

Government Employees Salary Increase

Government Employees Salary Increase news : Federal Budget is going to held on 10 June 2022. According to the sources government is now fulfilling all the demands of IMF. The petrol price is increased by 60 rupees per liter within 2 months. Moreover government is going to increase 40 rupees more per liter in upcoming month.

Electricity prices are also increased by 47% in the same month. This will generate more revenue for Pakistan treasury. Government was thinking about 0 percent salary increase in last month. But with the help of Chinese investment plan and IMF conditions the situation is going to be better now.

Government Employees Salary Increase : The Government employees also protesting on 9th June outside the parliament for fulfilling there demands. The main demands are given below:

  1. Increase in House Rent Allowance.
  2. Increase in Conveyance Allowance.
  3. Increase in Medical Allowance.
  4. Merging of All Adhoc Relief Allowances in Basic Pay.
  5. Increase in salary with the proportion of Inflation.

The pay and pension committee report is also suggests to merge 2 Adhoc Relief Allowance in the basic pay of Government Employees. But due to late consideration of Pay and Pension report , this decision is pending.

According to the sources Government is going to increase 10 to 15 precent increase in Government Employees salaries. Pensioners are not included in this because Prime Minister Mr.Hamza Shahbaz already increases pension of Federal retired employees by 10 percent. Pensioners are not getting any benefit in this budget.

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