March 18, 2023
Insaaf AfterNoon School Policy

Insaaf AfterNoon School Policy


Insaaf AfterNoon School Policy I am directed to enclose herewith guidelines for implementation of scheme titled Afternoon Schools Program as approved by the Competent Authority i.e. Secretary School Education Department.

  1. I am further directed to request you to disseminate the above said instructions to Chlef Executive Officers, DEAs in Punjab with the direction to follow these instructions in true letter and spirit.



Insaaf AfterNoon School Policy The Government of Punjab is ensuring the implementation of constitutional obligation as per Article 25-A of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan to provide free and compulsory education to children up to the age of 16 years. Multiple initiatives have been taken to impart education to the children at their doorsteps. In this regard, an initiative with the name of “INSAF AFTERNOON SCHOOL PROGRAM” has been launched in selected schools throughout Punjab as per notified criteria to ensure retention at the primary to elementary level. Furthermore, this initiative will address the access issues, multi-grading, and overcrowding in the public schools of Punjab. In addition to that this will be helpful to bring back those out-of-school children (O0sC) who left schools after passing out Grade-5 especially the girls.

Insaf Afternoon School Program is a low-cost program. The use of existing buildings and infrastructure in public schools is ensured during evening hours. No other additional cost is involved, except the honorarium for human resources to be hired for evening upgraded classes (VI-Vil). The hiring of teachers will be made amongst the staff of same public school preferably. If the teacher of the same school is not willing, only then the teacher can be hired from the nearby public school. In case of non-availability of teachers from the public schools, then private tutors (Interns) can be hired under the prescribed School Teacher Intern (STIs) Policy issued by the School Education Department with the approval of the Chief Minister.

Selection of Teachers

Instructions and guidelines for teachers hiring:-
a. Preference will be given to the teacher of the same school for evening classes.
b. In case of shortage/non-availability of willing teachers from the same school, willing teachers of nearby schools will be hired.
c. Certificate of non-willingness of the same school teachers must be sought.
d. In case of non-availability of teachers both from the same and nearby schools, private teachers may be hired by the respective School Councils by inviting applications locally, under the Notified Policy of School Teachers Interns (STls) by SED.
e. Head Teacher will also be liable to teach in evening hours.

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