March 20, 2023
PPSC Interview Questions Tips

PPSC Interview Questions Tips

PPSC Interview Questions Tips Following questions were asked by interview penal from candidates during Interviews of different Posts like Headmaster, SS (Different Subjects.)

The candidate interview was on 05-01-2016 for the post of headmaster/Dy.Headmaster.

  1. introduce yourself in one sentence.
  2. You elected Arabic as optional subject in B.A . tell me about Seegha and there are how many in Arabic language.
  3. PAC stands for what.
  4. What do you know about formal, non-formal and informal education.
  5. Which teaching method is considered best at elementary level.
  6. Is there any difference between lecture method and demonstration method.
  7. What Qaid-e-azam said about Government employ in 1948.
  8. Which is the longest surah of Quran – e- Hakeem.
  9. Give 5 important points which the Holy Prophet emphasized in khutba hajjatul-vida.
  10. Tell me about arkaan-e-hajj.
  11. What is financial management

Questions of PPSC Interview For SS Education

  1. First question k father kiya karte hain.
  2. How many sisters and brothers.
  3. Husbands kiya job karte hain family system Ab interview start howa
  4. Amerta Pretam and baba bulhe Shah introduce.
  5. Why sargodha called sargodha.
  6. Probability samplings and non probability sampling.
  7. Reference or bibliography.
  8. Cross n longitudinal survey.
  9. Deficit budget
  10. How to cover afrate zar.
  11. China corridor ka benefit
  12. .individual difference.
  13. What is snowball
  14. kindergartn k founder and laws
  15. administration ki types
  16. management theories kon kon se hn
  17. What is x y z theory and in k salient features Kya Hain.

Question which Panel asked from other candidates of SS Education

  1. Class room managmnt tools any two or three
  2. Management theories.
  3. liboratry school kis ny bnya??
  4. research types .. methods . tools ..
  5. Probability and non probability difference
  6. Lawton model of curriculum development.
  7. Philosophies
  8. meslow theory ..
  9. qrardad e mqasad ..
  10. lal qilah kis ny bnya??
  11. jhangeer ka full name ???
  12. last mughl badshaa

More Questions from PPSC Interview

  1. intro nhi lia ..
  2. Papa kya krty ??
  3. kitny behan bhai ??
  4. aims goals and objctives kya hain ??
  5. Secndary stage ki kya importance hai??
  6. Higher education ka kya mtlb hai??
  7. taxonomy kya hai ???
  8. Affective domain kis sy related hai??
  9. Rashid minhass ny jb plane giraya tb konsi domain km kr ri thi ??? means ky kis domain ky under wo esa krny py mjboor hovaaa ?
  10. then kaha aik r texonomy ai hai SOLO ye kya hoti hai ??
  11. Hidden curriculum kya hai?? main btya kahty assmbly b is m aa jay gi main kaha sir is m hum discipline seekhaty ya moral lesson hota wo ata hidden mein ??
  12. MA urdu walo sy iqbal ka pucha ky shaheen py kiun hai poetry ?

Some More PPSC Interview Questions

  1. First was intro.
  2. Then charman ask how many subject you have studied in your course.
  3. Compare the constution of usa uk and pakistan
  4. What is the current political scenario of pakistan
  5. What was impact of imran kan dharna at islambd.
  6. What is sudia iran political situation.
  7. Who is sheikh nimar.
  8. Is gallop of nimar is right.
  9. Why iran is so crying on this.
  10. Is Sodia correct on its decesion.
  11. What was reaction of iran on this.
  12. Then 1st subject specialist ask who was minto
  13. Who was marley.
  14. What was these reforms.
  15. When it take place.
  16. What was backend process on these reforms.
  17. Then 2nd s.s ask …six point of sheikh majeeb.
  18. Then dept reptntve ask what is LND. is its impact is good.
  19. What is Upe and u.s.e.
  20. Is our teachers is doing correct Upe
  21. How can you improve and motivate your higher sec portion strength

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