March 24, 2023
Sachin RunOut 1999 IndiaVsPakistan

Sachin RunOut 1999 IndiaVsPakistan

Sachin RunOut 1999 IndiaVsPakistan ,the year was 1999. India was playing the third test in a one one tied India vs Pakistan series. Pakistan was touring India after a gap of 11 years. After losing the first test by going from requiring 17 runs with four wicket in hands to losing by 13 runs. The second test was won by Kumlay’s 10 wickets in an heroic inning.

Now we stand on the eve of the second innings of the last test to be played between these two arch rivals which also happens to be the first test in the newly inaugurated Asian test championship so in short the stakes are high in front of a record one lakh strong crowd and in walks are the man that all the world of cricket loves to say Sachin Tendulkar.

The crowd in the ground waiting for big knock. Sachin apart from scoring the match losing 136 in the first test. Sachin had unusually bad run in all the subsequent matches. Just because of his bad luck in this match he got clean bold by Shoaib on a first ball duck. But still the situation is looking good for India. On the fourth day India requires 279 runs is sitting tight on 140 for two. But hell is about to break loose even with a direct throw Sachin should have been safer but Shoaib Akhter seemed to have moved back and collided with him to prevent the run.

This actually led to Sachin being declared run out. The crowd gathered around the boundary of the ground and started throwing bottles on the Pakistani Players. The match was suspended to calm the crowd down.

Findings of Sachin Run Out :

Sachin RunOut 1999 IndiaVsPakistan lets check whose fault was it exactly. The Shoaib Akhter intentionally came in Sachin Tendulkar. Let’s do a proper breakdown. Now the first thing is clear nobody absolutely nobody expected Nadeem Khan to hit the stumps or there to be even a small chance of run out here. That’s the reason you see Waseem Akaram standing here staring at the ball rather than covering the stumps. This is further proven by the simple fact that Shoaib Akhter who came close to the stumps looking at a ball coming in from the deep. He started moving back to cover the stumps better and avoid an overthrow run

Sachin can be actually seen trying to move away from the stumps here. So the question becomes did shohib actually see Sachin move away and match his movements along with Sachin for this let’s go to an overview sachin hits the ball deep and completes two runs and at the start of the throw.

Waseem Akram is standing here and Shoaib Akhtar here Now normally the field of vision for humans that is how far an area you can actually see is 120 degrees it is subject to change with age and eye elements .

Sachin RunOut 1999 IndiaVsPakistan
Sachin RunOut 1999 IndiaVsPakistan

Now for Sachin this area should be further reduced due to vision restrictions due to his helmet. But for now let’s keep it at 120. Now we will plot the directions in which both of them were watching. The vision span in which we can see that at no point did Shoaib Akhtaer actually turn back. He was in not in position to see what Sachin was doing.

Sachin RunOut 1999 IndiaVsPakistan
Sachin RunOut 1999 IndiaVsPakistan


So was it intentional no whose fault was it. Actually nobody’s it was an accident that’s all. Now there are many pundits who say that it’s the batsman job that he should be aware of his route. But Sachin did do it that’s why he was trying to avoid Shoaib Akhter on account of this accident.

Waseem Akram did have the option of calling Sachin back. But when asked in an interview he straight away replied why would i call back the best batsman. It was an accident he legitimately got out that’s all .Now the rest of the story of this match and how we got here in the first place.

This was the story of how an unexpected run out started to riot and how it was nobody’s fault just fate playing mischief. Thank you for reading this Blog.

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