March 24, 2023
Solved 8613 research project

Solved 8613 research project

The Research project is very important Part of BEd. It contains 100 Marks and all is depend on your witting and research skills. The research work is done in different parts. Solved 8613 research project is provided Best written BEd Thesis which you can use in your research project.



Effective science teaching and learning in rural day secondary schools has been under threat since 1980. It is not known what specific challenges are faced in these schools. The aim of this study was to find out the challenges faced by rural day secondary school science teachers in Pakistan. Questionnaires, interviews and observations were used to collect data pertaining to the challenges that were faced by the teachers. Results showed that rural day secondary school science teachers were faced by the following challenges:

  1. Inadequate teaching and learning facilities, as indicated by 100% of the respondents.
  2. Students’ negative attitudes towards science, as identified by 22.7% of the respondents
  3. The existence of conflicts between students’ home background and school science, as noted by 13.6% of the respondents
  4. The absence of science teachers’ associations, as reported by 68.2% of the respondents.

It was concluded that rural day secondary school science teachers in Pakistan faced many challenges. It was recommended that:

  1. Teachers should be innovative and improvise science teaching and learning materials where possible, instead of waiting to be supplied with conventional apparatus.
  2. Teachers should act as cultural brokers to resolve conflicts between students’ home background and school science concepts, by using students’ local and indigenous knowledge as a starting point for the exploration of scientific ideas
  3. Teachers should form science associations, where they can share ideas on contemporary
  4. issues in science teaching.

Objectives :

The following objectives are put forward to construct the study.

  1. To know the actual condition and performance of science teacher in schools of
  2. To point out the problems of science teacher in rural areas.
  3. To suggest the ways and means to solve the problems of science teacher in rural
    areas & make schools more effective.

Research Questions

The study will address the following research questions:

  1. What is a realistic ideal picture of teaching and learning of science in Pakistan
    secondary schools as perceived by teachers.
  2. What do science teachers, students and other stakeholders perceive as the nature of
    teaching and learning of science in Pakistan secondary schools at present?
  3. What factors do teachers and other stakeholders perceive as militating against
    quality of teaching and learning of science in Pakistan Secondary schools?
  4. How can these factors be addressed to improve the quality of teaching and learning
    of science in Pakistan secondary schools?
  5. What is the problems of science school teacher in rural areas?
  6. What is the actual condition and performance of schools?

Delimitation of the Study

The study examined that what is the problems of primary school teachers’ in rural

  • The first problem is infrastructure. It will include the building of the school. If the building would not present or in dangerous condition then the dropout of the students come.
  • Second problem is electricity. Availability of electricity is very necessary for the school. This facility not only provides light but swears weather conditions can also be faced as fans and coolers may be used in summer. If electricity is not available then electronic AV aids cannot be used in teaching methodology.
  • Third problem is environment. Friendly environment of school enhance the performance of teachers and students. In schools different natured teachers behave differently. Their non-cooperative behavior cause bad effect on students.etc. If all these problems solved then the teacher teach students easily in class.


The chapter presents the findings of the problems and gives a discussion of the solution. This is because the analysis and discussion of the presented data are very important to bring a clear meaning of the research findings and avoids misrepresentation and the possibility of drawing misleading conclusions (Adam et al 2008, p, 229). The data in research was about the problems of secondary school teachers in rural areas.
The instruments are designed according to nine categorical variables of the study. These include:
i. School building and facilities
ii. Curriculum introduction and implementation
iii. Medium of instruction
iv. Dropout of students
v. Examination system

vi. Students performance
vii. Parents cooperation
viii. Officers supervision.

School building and facilities :

Q. Do you think that most of the secondary schools have proper building and basic facilities?

Solved 8613 research project
Solved 8613 research project

The most schools lack the proper building and facilities. They are not fully equipped with furniture and teaching material. In this regard 92% parents said that most school has lack of room for different classes. The room is over loaded and great number of students does not find sufficient space to sit and study.
Drinking water, electricity and toilets are missing in most of the schools. Some school do not have even school building. Children are getting education under the shade of tree. Officers comprising 50% admitted that such school needs basic facilities and they made reports to draw the attention of higher authorities on this crucial issue.
Definitely such school causes the decline of quality and quantity of education. Teachers (78%) and students (89%) collectively said that single room schools either should be closed or given more rooms and teachers.

These schools destroy the time and energy of both students and teachers. In these schools students learn bad habits. They study only for one hour but they waste three hours uselessly. They said that co-curricular activities are also the part of education but schools do not have play ground.


Different challenges and opportunities abound in every rural schools community. These challenges and opportunities often are left unattended by policymakers and others. Yet there is little that our nation can do to change our overall education picture of it leaves behind rural schools, learners and communities.
The study concludes with recommendations to improve the conditions of rural schools. We need to find solutions to meet the science Education for All goals in making recommendations to improve the problems of teachers and teaching in rural schools.

Research has shown that the quality if teachers in our classrooms is the most important school-related factor in boosting learners’ achievement (Lewin, 2004). To attract and retain teachers in isolated communities, they should be compensated with additional financial incentives, in the form of hardship allowance, travel allowance for teachers to go to rural areas.

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